Featured Swimmer - Rick Scholey

Q1. How/When/What made you start open water swimming?

I initially started outdoor swimming at Guildford Lido in January as I wanted to train for SwimRun. Although I had a wetsuit, I failed to realise that I would need a neoprene hat gloves and booties……it was 9 degrees in the water………………that was a steep learning curve and a bit more expense at Wiggle!!

In February I had a heart attack during the Richmond half marathon which curtailed my swimming and running for a couple of months and by the time I was able to return, the winter season at the Lido had ended. Chatting with Claire Lowe, she pointed me to Papercourt and the other lakes in and around Surrey.

Q2. What is it that you love about open water swimming?

It is my first season of open water swimming , and I have to say, the more I do it, the more I love it. Unlike the pool where you have to turn every 25 or 50 meters, it gives you a chance to get into your stroke, try different techniques and there is a lot more space!!

Q3. What are your goals for the season?

At the moment, I have entered the Henley Mile, which I saw a s a reasonable challenge, and have been practising for this.

Q4. What competitions/challenges have you recently completed or got upcoming?

I have seen another challenge I quite fancy, but I’m keeping quiet about that at the moment in case it doesn’t come off! I still want to do a couple of SwimRuns, so if anyone wants to join me on this, or plan for next season, give me a shout

Q1. Where is the best place you’ve ever swam outdoors?

Thus far, I have swum Shepperton, Papercourt ( obviously!) and Thorpe. They all have a different feel to them, but I have to say I have found Papercourt to be the most friendly and is  less crowded

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